Electric Air Cleaners

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Some of the air cleaning units we install…

Honeywell Electric Air Cleaner

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If air quality is a concern or you have a family member with allergies or dust sensitivity then you should think about an electric air cleaner option. The electric air cleaners are getting more and more efficient at cleaning your air. 

As noted in the honeywell manual, the particles removed by the electronic air cleaner tend to be very small—less than ten microns. But what is a ten-micron particle? The eye of an average size sewing needle is about 750 microns across, and the dot in the i in the word micron is about 400 microns. 

Generally, particles smaller than ten microns can be seen only with a microscope, except in very large concentrations, such as a puff of smoke. Your electronic air cleaner can remove even smaller particles that can be seen only with an electron microscope. Although particles one micron and smaller make up only about 20 percent of the total weight of particles in unfiltered air, they account for over 99 percent of the numbers of particles. 

Because they are so tiny, these particles tend to remain suspended in the air unless they collide with a solid surface. Then they attach by molecular adhesion and stick like glue, staining walls and furniture and coating your air conditioning coils. And of course, some of these particles can cause allergic reactions or simply make the environment less pleasant.