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FortisBC has a $300 grant available for the fireplaces with higher efficiency. Some conditions apply.

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Some of the fireplace inserts we install…

Price includes all basic accessories.

Ruby Fireplace Insert

This unit generally installs in a wood burning fireplace enclosure.  25″ to 35″ units available with a $300 rebate.

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 Types of Gas Fireplaces
Gas fireplace inserts go where there’s an existing fireplace, hearth and cavity. Inserts have a metal housing with a glass front and realistic looking ceramic logs that help add ambiance and décor.  A fireplace insert transforms a wood-burning fireplace into a cleaner burning, more convenient, and more efficient heat source.  A single pipe system draws combustion air in from the room it is heating and is not quite as efficient as the two pipe direct vent systems that draw air from the outside thru one pipe and expels the exhaust thru the second.
Freestanding gas fireplaces often resemble traditional wood burning or solid fuel stoves. They fit perfectly in the corner of a room. They’re also a good choice when replacing an inefficient wood stove.  They can be vented through a roof, or direct-vented to an outside wall. Hearth-mounted models can be vented into an existing fireplace.
Zero-clearance gas fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room on any floor of the house. These units can be vented through the nearest outside wall and don’t require an existing fireplace cavity or chimney.  Zero-clearance units are ideal for adding a fireplace quickly and easily during renovations or new construction.
Log sets


Natural gas log sets create the look and feel of an open wood-burning fireplace. Chosen mostly for decoration, log sets are less energy efficient than sealed combustion gas fireplaces. Without a glass-fronted enclosure, log sets lose some of the warm air from the room up the chimney.